Division of Environment

The mission of the City of Cleveland’s Division of Environment is to promote health and quality of life by preventing diseases caused by hazards that we may encounter in our everyday lives.

Environmental Health Programs:


The Food Safety Program makes sure that all food sold in the City of Cleveland is safe to eat or drink by inspecting restaurants, vending machines, food trucks, Farmers Markets, grocery stores and corner stores.

We also provide public trainings like the “Person-in-Charge” and “ServSafe” courses that teach food safety skills that reduce the spread of illness caused by food.

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  • Food Licensing /Farmer Market Questions
  •   (216) 664-4925
  • Food Complaints
  •   (216) 664-4925
  • New Restaurant Questions
  •   (216) 664-4769
  • ServSafe Trainings
  •   (216) 664-4925
  • Person-in-Charge Trainings
  •   (216) 664-4925
  • Vending Machine Inspection Request
  •   (216) 664-4897
  • How to Open a Restaurant in Cleveland?
  •   (216) 664-4769
  • How to get a Temporary Food Service License?
  •   (216) 664-4897
  • FoodChat (email your questions)

**All Food Safety inspections are governed by the rules and regulations of the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code Chapter 3717-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3717 of the Ohio Revised Code related to food service operations and Chapter 3701-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code


The goal of the Lead Safe Living-Healthy Homes Program is to reduce the number of lead-poisoned children and to lower the lead levels in the blood of the children that already have lead poisoning.

We provide education, perform lead investigations and offer case management to parents and guardians of children who test positive for lead in their blood. We also help families, health care providers and community members reduce and prevent childhood lead poisoning.

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  • Lead Hotline:
  •   (216) 263-LEAD (5323)
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Questions
  •   (216) 664-2175
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Complaints
  •   (216) 664-2359
  • LeadChat (email your questions)
  • If you received a Lead Inspection Report
  •   (216) 664-2672


The Solid, Infectious and Hazardous Waste Program inspects the places that receive our solid waste. These include landfills, solid waste transfer facilities, composting facilities, construction and demolition debris sites, methane gas monitoring and all solid waste sites that are closing.

The Program also inspects facilities that generate potentially infectious waste like hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, tattoo and body piercing establishments.
  • Solid & Infectious Waste Questions
  •   (216) 664-4292
  • Solid & Infectious Waste Complaints
  •   (216) 664-4292
  • Hazardous Waste Complaints
  •   (216) 664-2300
  • Tattoo/Licensing Questions
  •   (216) 664-4292
  • Illegal Dumping Complaints
  •   (216) 623-5661
  • SolidWasteChat (email your questions)
**All inspections are in accordance with Ohio EPA regulations.


The Farm Animal Program is designed to allow Clevelanders with enough space on their property to have farm animals and bees in a manner that prevents nuisances to neighbors. We also monitor the well-being of the animals and the condition of the property through routine inspections.
  • Farm Animal & Bees/License Questions
  •   (216) 664-7404
  • Farm Animal & Bees Complaints
  •   (216) 664-2300


Environmental Health Services makes sure that residents of Cleveland are free of environmental hazards that impact their quality of life.

We routinely respond to complaints for property owners that allow the grass on their land to reach over 8 inches tall, fail to get rid of harmful weeds, allow garbage to collect in yards, let stagnant water pool, and do not control pests such as insects and rodents . In addition to these outdoor hazards, our public health sanitarians also inspect for mold and other indoor hazards.


The Public Swimming Pools and Spray Ground Program makes sure that all swimming pools, spas and spray grounds in the city of Cleveland are safe to enjoy. Our Public Health Sanitarians inspect and provide advice and training on how to operate and maintain public swimming pools. They also serve as a public resource for questions or concerns about water recreation, protection from disease , personal safety, and complaint investigations.
  • Swimming Pools Questions
  •   (216) 664-4908
  • Swimming Pools License/Complaints
  •   (216) 664-4292
  • SwimmingPoolChat(email your question)
  • Installing a New Pool
  •   (614) 644-7527 (design questions)
  • Construction Inspection Request:
  •   (614) 644-7468
  • Edgewater Beach Monitoring Reports
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The School Environmental Health Program helps to make Cleveland’s schools healthier places to learn and work.

Poor conditions in and around schools can interrupt a child’s learning by make it harder for students to concentrate, causing or making sickness worse in both students and staff, and cost the school district money through repair and remediation projects. Our Public Health Sanitarians in this program inspect all schools in the city of Cleveland to make sure that our schools are safe, healthy places for our children to succeed.
  • School Environmental Questions/Complaints
  •   (216) 664-2300
  • School Environmental Inspection Request
  •   (216) 664-7404
  • SchoolChat (email your question)


This program grants licenses and performs yearly inspections at barbershops, hotels, motels, and public laundries within the City of Cleveland.
  • Barbershop, Hotel/Motel Questions
  •   (216) 664-4897
  • Barbershop, Hotel/Motel Complaints
  •   (216) 664-2300
  • Public Laundries Questions/Complaints
  •   (216) 664-4897
  • BarbershopChat (email your question)
**We license and inspect these sites under the authority of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland:
  • Barber shops and barber schools – Chapter 225
  • Public laundries – Chapter 223
  • All transient residential buildings (hotels/motels) – Chapter 215
The City of Cleveland’s Division of Environment performs all of its investigations with the authority of Cleveland's Codified Ordinance, the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture, the State of Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio EPA.