Food Safety

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NOTE: Applications must be received at least 10 days in advance of temporary events.

The Food Safety Program’s primary responsibility is to protect our residents and visitors against food borne illnesses resulting from health code violations and improper handling of food. The Division Environment administers a state mandated inspection program to address risk factors known to contribute to food borne illness. Our role is to educate, evaluate, and regulate food service operations and retail food establishments in the city of Cleveland.

Our sanitarians are dedicated to enforcing the rules and regulations of the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, Chapter 3717. They are also deeply committed to educating operators in food safety and proper food handling techniques.

Food Program Components:
  • Micro Markets (Please review the following Fact Sheet for additional information)
  • Food Service Operations
  • Retail Food Establishments
  • Mobile Food Service and Retail Operations
  • Temporary Food Service and Temporary Retail Operations
  • Food Service Vending Machine Locations
  • Food Trucks
Food Service Operation and Retail Food Establishment License and Renewal

During the month of February of each year, and not later than March first, every operator of a food service operation proposing to operate during any part of the licensing year shall apply for a license (Ohio Administrative Code chapter 3717-21-02).

A person or government entity seeking a license renewal shall submit an application for renewal to the licensor not later than the first day of March, except in the case of a mobile or seasonal retail food establishment, when the renewal application shall be submitted before commencing operation in a new licensing period. A licensor may renew a license prior to the first day of March or the first day of operation in a new licensing period, but not before the first day of February immediately preceding the licensing period for which the license is renewed” (Ohio Revised Code chapter 3717.23).

Please be advised that our office mails license renewal applications as a courtesy; it is not a requirement. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the operator to ensure that his/her license is renewed prior to the expiration date. Without exception, license renewal applications received after the March first deadline will be assessed a late fee penalty.