Cuyahoga County HIV Prevention Regional Advisory Group (RAG)
Who We Are

The Cuyahoga County HIV Prevention Regional Advisory Group (RAG) is a community driven planning organization charged with developing a comprehensive HIV prevention plan that is based on scientific evidence and community values. The group is comprised of HIV/AIDS educators, service providers, community members, and people living with HIV/AIDS. It is the intention of RAG that membership, to the extent possible; reflect the demographics of HIV/AIDS cases in Cuyahoga County. All RAG meetings are open to the public and we always welcome new visitors.

What We Do
  • Learn from experts and one another the needs of at-risk populations and how best to serve our clientele through impactful HIV/AIDS prevention services.
  • Determine the strategies necessary to overcome health disparities in the Cleveland community and meet our HIV/STD prevention goals.
  • Develop and coordinate effective and informed interventions address the needs, disparities, and goals listed above.
The RAG also makes recommendations to the Cleveland Department of Public Health for the distribution of Federal HIV Prevention Grant funds allocated to Cuyahoga County on a multiple-year grant cycle. The RAG helps to determine priorities for funding allocations and evaluates those agencies funded throughout the grant cycle.

What You Can Do
Join us! With effective planning, together we can decrease the spread of HIV. With your participation and representation you will assist this community-planning group in addressing the concerns and interests of those populations most impacted by HIV in Cuyahoga County.

For more information, contact the Cleveland Department of Public Health’s Office of HIV/AIDS Services Unit at (216) 420-8641.

2018 - RAG Meeting Schedule
2018 - RAG Membership Application