Nursing Services
Community Health Nursing enhances the health of population groups through the application of nursing knowledge to the community. Our primary focus it is to promote optimal health and wellbeing for the residents of the City of Cleveland.

Community health nurses bring expertise to the collaborative, interdisciplinary process of assessment, policy development, and assurances activities to promote healthy outcomes in our community.

Community (Public Health) Nursing began in 1895 at the Old Stone Church. At this location the nurses received daily reports of small pox, diphtheria, typhoid, scarlet fever, and tuberculosis. These disease cases were tracked and followed up on by public health nurses. Today this has evolved into the office of Communicable Disease and Epidemiology. The first public health nursing ventures revealed the relationship of the social and sanitary conditions of the people and their health conditions as well as the need for both social and sanitary reform in the City of Cleveland. These public health nurses worked long hours in homes and dispensaries educating families and the community in health maintenance and prevention.

The spirit and dedication still remain in public health nursing today. Our committed nursing staff works hard to promote, prevent, and protect the citizens of Cleveland against illnesses and to keep Clevelanders healthy.

Mission Statement

Nursing Servicesí mission is to provide quality health care by continually developing and improving services through a partnership with our community physicians and other health care providers

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We can be reached at (216) 664-3609, Monday thru Friday from 7:30am- 5:00pm.

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