Enforcement Public Places:

The CDPH Division of Environmental Health investigates public places and places of employment for sanitation and complaints of smoking.

The CDPH Division of Environmental Health conducts annual inspections to ensure the health and well-being of those that visit barbershops. Our Public Health Sanitarians check for cleanliness, proper use of equipment, general maintenance and the appropriate methods of equipment sterilization.
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    Barbershop Licenses and Annual Fees
    A valid license issued by the Department of Public Health is required to maintain or operate a barbershop. The annual license fee for a barber shop is fifty dollars ($50.00) and one hundred seventy dollars ($170.00) for a barber school. All licenses expire on December 31 following the date that they are issued. Licenses are issued only for the full license period and for the full license fee. Licenses cannot be transferred but are renewable under the same terms and conditions under which they were originally issued.

    ** The authority to inspect, license and collect fees from barbershops is granted to the Division of Environmental Health in Chapter 225 of the City of Cleveland's Codified Ordinances.

    Public Health Sanitarians from the CDPH Division of Environmental Health conduct annual inspections of all the hotels and motels in the City of Cleveland to ensure compliance with all local health regulations.
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    Hotel/Motel License Application and Fees
    Each hotel or motel in the City of Cleveland is required to have a valid license and the premises are to be maintained in a sanitary condition. Applications must contain an accurate description of the hotel or motel, its location, the number of rooms, the maximum number of guests to be accommodated at any one time and any other information that may be required. The following licensing fees are required for each hotel or motel:

    Number of Rooms Fee
    0 - 50 $60.00
    51 - 100 $115.00
    101 - 200 $220.00
    Over 200 $310.00

    **The authority to inspect transient residential buildings (hotels and motels) is granted to the Division of Environmental Health in Chapter 215 of the City of Cleveland's Codified Ordinances.

    In-Home Daycare
    Although operators of in-home daycares are not required to be licensed, the CDPH Division of Environmental Health will inspect for adequate refrigeration, general cleanliness and play area safety. Recommendations are also given to correct violations found in the in-home daycare environment, if needed.

    Ohio law* requires all jail administrators to make regular requests to have their facilities inspected by the local health authorities on a yearly basis. The Division of Environmental Health fulfills this request by inspecting all jails and detention centers in the City of Cleveland to evaluate the cleanliness and general maintenance of the facility.

    *Section 5120:1-8-05(D)

    Public Laundries
    The Division of Environmental Health inspects and investigates any complaint associated with sanitary conditions in public and private laundries. Inspections are conducted routinely to ensure compliance is maintained.
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    Public Laundry Licenses and Fees
    A license from the Commissioner of Assessments and Licenses is required to establish, maintain, and operate any public laundry in the City of Cleveland. A yearly fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) is required each year and all licenses expire on June 30 following the date of issue.

    Swimming Pools
    Public Health Sanitarians from the CDPH Division of Environmental Health are certified as pool operators to ensure proper procedures are being carried out, which will guarantee our citizens safety while utilizing various types of pools around the City of Cleveland. Poorly operated swimming pools and spas can transmit infectious diseases and skin disorders, including eye, ear, nose and throat infectious. Needless tragic deaths from drowning may be prevented if all pools are equipped with a lifeguard or the proper safety equipment.

    Our Sanitarians routinely conduct inspections of all pools within the City of Cleveland. All operators are required to keep records of water quality testing results and accidents on a Weekly Operation Report, which is a vital part of the City's inspection procedure.
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    ** Inspections are performed using Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3749 as it relates to Ohio Public Swimming Pool, Spa, and Special Use Pool Rules.