License Fee Schedule:

City of Cleveland - Department of Public Health

Licenses are provided by the Ohio Department of Health. An application for a license to operate a new food service operation and/or retail food establishment is given once the facility layout and equipment specifications (plans) have been submitted and approved by the health department. Plans are required for the following reasons:
  • When there is new construction;
  • When an existing establishment is remodeled or renovated; or
  • When an existing establishment reopens after not having an active license for 12 months.
The license expires on March 1st of each year. Renewal applications are mailed during the first week in February to all existing establishments. The fee schedule is below.
  • Have an existing operation and you are not sure about your fee?
  • (216) 420-7355
  • Trying to open a new restaurant?
  • (216) 664-4769

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