Disease Reporting

Under the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), 3701-3-02 & 3701-3-03, physicians, hospitals, infection control professionals, laboratorians, and individuals are mandated to report diseases of public health concern (communicable diseases) to the local health department. The codes mandate disease reporting to the local health department where the case resides.

How to Report a Communicable Disease
Why Report?
  • To prevent the spread of communicable disease
  • To protect the health of the public
  • To determine the level of illness in the community
  • To evaluate risk of disease transmissions
  • To intervene immediately and control the spread of disease
  • To facilitate surveillance, prevention, and outbreak control
Delay or Failure to Report

Delay or failure to report communicable diseases contributes to secondary transmission. Under the Ohio Administrative Code, failure to report a communicable disease is in violation of the 3701-3-02 and 3701-3-03 codes.