City of Cleveland - Public Health Staff


Brian Kimball - Interim Director

In September 2020, Brian was sworn in as Interim Director of Public Health. He is now charged with overseeing administration of all public health programs and services provided to the Citizens and visitors of Cleveland. Previously, he served as Commissioner of Environment since December, 2016. He was responsible for overseeing Environmental Health programs including Food Safety, Solid & Infectious Waste, Local Health Code enforcement, Public Pools and the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. In this role, he will oversee the alignment of services to address the social determinants of health with the aim of improving public health outcomes for our residents.

Just prior, he spent over 12 years successfully leading both the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Lead Hazard Control programs for the City which restored program success. As a subject matter expert, Brian worked with community groups to organize workshops and events to educate parents and young children about the dangers of lead in paint and informed policy makers and stakeholders of the link between health and housing. Brian has over 19 years as a Public Health professional for the City of Cleveland including serving as a Public Health Sanitarian working and leading various environmental health programs.

Brian earned a Bachelor of Science at Cleveland State University in Environmental Studies. Most recently, he completed the Kresge Foundation’s Emerging Leaders in Public Health initiative, which equips local public health officers with knowledge and skills to transform the role of public health in their community, and the Cleveland State University Leadership Academy, which provides leadership development for governmental and nonprofit organizations throughout northeast Ohio.

Patrick Cusick - Interim Commissioner of Environment

In September 2020, Patrick was sworn in as Interim Commissioner of Environment. He previously served as Deputy Commissioner since June, 2014. He has been working in Public Health for over 20 years. His background includes environmental health, emergency preparedness, disease surveillance, and public health epidemiology. Mr. Cusick earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Hiram College. He is a Registered Sanitarian with the State of Ohio. He earned a Master of Science in Public Health from Walden University.

Mr. Cusick has extensive experience working with civic groups, government and private organizations and other divisions within the city and nationally on environmental issues, emergency preparedness and response, disease surveillance, and operations management in the public and private sector interface.

Mr. Cusick has been working on improving interdepartmental and interagency efforts for many years, and most recently worked with partner agencies using those skills to assist in the BuildHealth efforts (BuildHealth 1.0 and 2.0, and mentoring the Build 3.0 cohort) to address health equity, access to information and aligning public health, healthcare and advocacy partners to address lead poisoning and asthma prevention, mitigation, and intervention.


Persis Sosiak - Health Commissioner

Persis A. Sosiak was sworn in by Mayor Frank Jackson as the Commissioner of the Division of Health on December 5, 2016. Prior to joining CDPH, Persis served for 11 years at Cleveland Clinic. She also spent time for working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NIOSH), the Alexandria Health Department (Alexandria, VA) and an international NGO (the American International Health Alliance). Persis holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health (Yale University) and is a Registered Nurse in the State of Ohio.

David Hearne - Air Quality Commissioner

David Hearne is an accomplished public health executive with demonstrated expertise in air quality regulation. Since 2016, Mr. Hearne has served as the Interim Commissioner for the Cleveland Division of Air Quality. In this capacity he oversees all management, planning, and operations for this local air agency a delegated representative of Ohio EPA.

Mr. Hearne has more than 35 years of air pollution regulatory development experience from the U.S. EPA consulting sector and public sector management experience as the Chief of Engineering in the Division of Air Quality.

Mr. Hearne is a member of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies and the Ohio Local Air Pollution Control Officers Association. He serves as the chairperson on the Air Quality Subcommittee with the Northeast Ohio Area-wide Coordinating Agency. He holds a B.S. in Biology from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia, and a M.S. in Environmental Biology from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. In 2010, he completed the Cleveland Management Academy curriculum at Cleveland State University - Levin College of Urban Affairs.