Cleveland Department of Public Health

MomsFirst is a free program that supports new and expecting mothers. Participants are paired with a Community Health Worker (CHW) from pregnancy up until babies are 18 months old. The goal is for mother and baby to be heathy and supported.

CHWs work with pregnant women and new moms to provide:
  • Home visits.
  • Education on things like breastfeeding and family planning.
  • Referrals to other resources as needed.
  • General support to reduce the stress of becoming a parent.
The MomsFirst program supports fathers and father figures too. Any male figures involved in the life of a MomsFirst participant are eligible. Fatherhood services include case management, education, and support. Enrolled fathers/father figures can receive bus tickets for appointments and a pack n’ play. MomsFirst is for both new and experienced moms and dads. To qualify for the program, you must be pregnant and live in the City of Cleveland.

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Visit to access more resources for new and expecting moms.

There are many ways that CDPH can support you and your family:
Program Staff:

Kathleen (Kat) Solove, MomsFirst Program Director
(216) 664-4281

Terese Denton, MomsFirst Deputy Project Director
(216) 664-4321

Hannah Verba, Quality Assurance Analyst
(216) 664-2130

David Bowling, MomsFirst Project Specialist
(216) 664-3478